The Purpose

The hospital where I was originally treated reached out to me recently on Twitter after I posted an acerbic comment about their upcoming partnership with a nationally known hospital. They asked me to contact them via DM to discuss why I have a negative view of their institution. This is laughable. For real, I am laughing to myself right now. Why do I have a negative view of your institution? Oh, let me count the ways!

I have chosen not to respond thus far out of fear of identifying myself. The details are in the risk management files and the physician who managed it all those years ago still manages it. We even spoke personally. If anyone cared all that much, and I don’t know that they would, it would snowball from there all the way downhill to Dr. Overinvolved. That’s my overarching concern. Him. I don’t want him to know how deeply he affected me.

However, I do think of myself as an advocate to some extent. Coming from that perspective, I should respond. I think I would skip the details and simply say that I was psychologically injured by medical mistakes and that the hospital and physicians deployed the “deny and defend” method of coping with incidents instead of engaging in open dialogue. The end.


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